Quick Viber

Quick Viber

Launch Viber by shaking phone anytime. Quick and easy way to run the Viber. Just shake your phone to run Viber.
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Quick Viber will help you run viber easily. 
Run Viber easily by shaking anytime. 
Quick and easy way to run viber. Just shake your phone to run viber. 
★ Viber have to be installed first.

★ Additional function ★ 
1. Status bar notification : Ongoing status bar notification during service is running. 
2. Vibration alert : vibration when running viber. 
3. Flash alert : camera flashlight when running viber. 
4. Running during calls 
5. Automatically starting when rebooting. 
6. Set sensitivity of shaking. 
7. Quick Viber works only when the screen is on and is unlocked. That would not let you make a mistake.

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